5 Best Soccer Movies Ever Made

5 Best Soccer Movies Ever Made

It would be odd not to have a bunch of movies for the most popular spectator sport in the entire world. Players who are playing it are earning millions and they are rich and popular as most Hollywood stars. What makes this sport so addictive? It is the fact that you don’t need more than a ball to play it or the dream of achieving the greatness that seems so close in soccer? The sport is a theme of numerous good and bad movies. To help you see what is so appealing in soccer, I have made a list of 5 best soccer movies. They are about the game, about victory and about cheering. Which one is your number 1, it is entirely up to you to decide.


Victory is a movie from 1981 and it is much more than just an ordinary soccer movie. I would consider is a classic which is on a must-see list for every soccer fan. Even though it revolves around the soccer it is much deeper than that. The movie happens during the World War II when Nazi officers decide to play a match against Allied Prisoners of War as propaganda. Prisoners are on board because they see the match as a possibility to escape from the camp. Sylvester Stallone and Michael Cain are playing in the movie with one of the best soccer players in history – Pelé.

The Football Factory

Football Factory is a movie from 2004 and it is focused on the other part of soccer – hooligans. The movie follows hooligans from Great Britain who sees Chelsea football club as the only thing that matters in their life. It is a realistic movie filled with violence based on John King’s novel the Football Factory. The focus of the movie is on the middle-class soccer fan, Tommy. Tommy doesn’t need much in his life except football and Chelsea. We are all aware of the stores of British hooligans and this movie is telling that story as it is.

Mean Machine

Mean Machine is a combination of comedy, action and sports movie and it is a great piece to look with friends. The story is actually pretty similar to the Victory from 1981. A British soccer star (Vinnie Jones) ends up in prison where he ends up in the middle of the most important soccer match in his life – a match Prisoners against Guards. Besides Vinnie Jones, the actors in the movie are Jason Statham, David Hemmings, and Danny Dyer.

The Damned United

This movie is focused on the coaching one of the best England’s clubs at the time, Leeds United. The movie is about Brian Clough and how he ended up leading the club he hated. The movie shows us his previous work and why he despises the club and his former leader, Don Revie so much. During this month and a half reign, he has done some unconventional moves which made this movie interesting and more of a drama than a sports movie. Michael Sheen who played Brian Clough made an impression with this role and brought the movie to another level.

Goal: The Dream Begins

It is a movie about dreaming and not giving up. It would be a shame not to put a movie like that on this list. The movie is focused on a soccer player Santiago Munez. When he was only 12, his father managed to sneak his family into the USA from Mexico in pursuit of a better future. Growing up, he realized that he is meant to do more. During a soccer match, one of the British scouts offers him a chance to come to England for a Newcastle try-out. The movie is filled with sacrifice, will, drama and eventual success. If you love a good success story, then I would recommend this soccer movie.

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