Big Hero 6 (2014)

Big Hero 6 (2014)

Big Hero 6 (2014)

Big Hero 6 (2014)Starring: Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Jamie Chung, Daniel Henney, T.J. Miller, Damon Wayans Jr., Genesis Rodriguez

Directed By: Don Hall, Chris Williams

Written By: Robert L. Baird, Daniel Gerson, Jordan Roberts

Rating: PG (US) Running Time: 1 hr 48 mins

Two Cents:

A hybrid of east and west entertainment sensibilities collide in San Fransokyo, as Disney releases their first animated film based on Marvel superhero characters. The result? Well, the story isn’t up to much that’s for sure. A plot about as complicated as anything you would find during a 30 minute viewing of the Cartoon Network on a Saturday morning, and only slightly better character development.

Robotics prodigy Hiro, teams up with his friends to solve the mystery behind Hiro’s stolen Microbot technology. Helping Hiro, his older brother’s robotics project, and single best reason to see this film, Baymax. A charming inflatable nurse robot programmed to inflate and render medical assistance on hearing the word ‘ouch!’

Big Hero 6 (Hiro and his 5 friends) is a very polished product. Beautifully animated, and certainly not boring. But it is a kids only affair, as this story operates on the frenetic level of a child’s play time imagination. No logic, no structure, just what ever seems cool or funny at the time. Baymax needs to fly? Rocket boots! Baymax need to punch stuff? Rocket fists! Yay! Baymax needs to deflate to get through a window, time for fart noises!

That’s the level this film mostly operates on, but it’s not totally devoid of charm. Baymax is a great character, and his interactions with Hiro aren’t limited to fart jokes and big action set pieces. There are some fleeting moments of heart to this story, as Hiro comes to terms with tragedy in his life, with Baymax his ever faithful caregiver and friend.

Movie Prep:

Kids are going to love Big Hero 6, so if you’re looking to entertain the family, this film is going to be a hit. Adults transporting their kids to see this won’t find this completely humorless, and will just be glad the little ones are entertained.

Best Format:

I really liked the animation and character design in this film. This is a high quality product from Disney, and your best experience with it will be in the theaters, 2D or 3D. At home, a HD viewing on your TV is recommended.

Best Element:

I really enjoyed the Baymax character. His awkward size, movement, and dialog were fun.

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