Camp Death III in 2D! (2018)

Camp Death III in 2D! (2018)

Camp Death III in 2D! (2018)


Camp Death III in 2D! (2018) movie posterBilled as a parody of Friday the 13th Part III in 3D and the slasher horror genre in general, Camp Death III in 2D! is just on the right side of bonkers, and it’s absolutely certifiable. This is b-movie schlock in its purest, craziest form. A dizzying mind lobotomizing collection of ideas thrown at the screen to see what sticks. If you haven’t seen much horror parody (like me) the closest comparison I can think of that you might have seen is Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II—only Camp Death makes that film look positively mainstream.

The story is set at Camp Crystal Meph (subtlety isn’t thing film’s bag) which has been converted into a rehab center for mentally ill adults. The brainchild of Head Counselor, Todd Boogjumper (Dave Peniuk) to restore the camp’s fortunes after it was closed due to a series of grisly murders. The back story to all this is explained, but to put it simply—psycho killer in the woods, a camp full of crazies and racial stereotypes, let the bloody mayhem begin!

Killer on a light-bike?

…why not?

If you’re looking for any logic, character arcs, or plot, this isn’t the movie for you. After watching the trailer, I expected something on the level of a Sharknado film, but I quickly had to adjust my thinking. The Sharknado films (most certainly the sequels) were mainstream films trying to buy there way into cult-hood, whereas Camp Death is the real deal. This film was made with love, and you just sense that the cast and crew had a blast making it. It took director Matt Frame four years to make, and it was partially funded by chaining a coconut to his waist!

Camp Death III in 2D! is silly, crude, corny, gory, and completely batshit crazy, and a must-see for fans of the horror/comedy/slasher genre. Most of the jokes work, it moves at a cracking pace, and at 82 minutes long it doesn’t outstay its welcome. The murders are inventive (death by toaster!) and the cast seems game to the craziness.

Starring: Dave Peniuk, Angela Galanopoulos, Darren Andrichuk

Directed by: Matt Frame

Screenplay by: Matt Frame (18 people in total were responsible for the story!)

Rating: NR (but probably R!) Running Time: 1 hr 22 min.

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