Chicken Run 2000

Chicken Run (2000)

Chicken Run (2000)

Chicken Run 2000Starring: Mel Gibson, Julia Sawalha, Phil Daniels, Jane Horrocks, Miranda Richardson, Timothy Spall, Phil Daniels, Lynn Ferguson, Benjamin Whitrow, Tony Haygarth

Directed By: Peter Lord, Nick Park

Written By: Karey Kirkpatrick

Rating: G (US) Running Time: 1 hr 24 min

Two Cents:

A story set in a concentration coop, complete with prison guards, dogs, and death by pastry, mixed veg and gravy – has never been this adorable. Watch the plucky leader, Ginger, repeatedly try to free her poultry friends! Witness as the plot chickens! When Rocky the cocky American rooster accidentally lands in the coop. Rocky needs to hide from the circus, so deliberately egg-xaggerates his flying capabilities, and agrees to help the ladies escape the evil cluck-ches of Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy, who have a cock-a-maiming fowl plan to turn Ginger and her friends into pies!

This yolks is a great film! Great Aardman character design and animation, matched with hen-sanely great voice talent from both sides of the pond. Fun for the entire brood too. Older roosters will enjoy the references to their favorite war time prison dramas, and little chicks will enjoy the lively animation and slapstick humor.

As for characters, these boiled eggs are hard to beat! From Babs (Jane Horrocks), obsessed with knitting and people’s holiday plans. To the hen-ventive inventor, Mac (Lynn Ferguson), and the old, lightly scrambled Royal Air Force mascot, Fowler (Benjamin Whitrow). Mr Tweedy (Tony Haygarth) is delightfully clueless, and Mrs. Tweedy (Miranda Richardson) is perfect as hen-sane ruler of the roost. Peter Lord’s and Nick Park’s attention to every ass-pecked of this charming tale of chickens flying the coop, makes it a must see!

Movie Prep:

If you’ve enjoyed other Aardman productions like Wallace & Gromit, I think you’ll enjoy this too. The humor should appeal to every member of the family.

Best Format:

The movie looks great, but will be serviced well enough on a TV, laptop or tablet sized screen.

Best Moment:

Aardman productions have always really nailed the action sequences in their work. The all action finale as the chickens attempt to fly the coop is fun, inventive and even moving!

The chickens, they are organizing”

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