God Help the Girl (2014)

God Help the Girl (2014)

God Help the Girl (2014)

God Help the Girl 2014Starring: Emily Browning, Olly Alexander, Hannah Murray

Directed by: Stuart Murdoch

Written By: Stuart Murdoch

Rating: Unrated (US) Running Time: 1 hr 51 min

Two Cents:

I didn’t know much about this movie before purchasing my ticket. I had only seen one trailer and to be honest, based on that alone, I was expecting an annoying two hours of pseudo intellectual youths waxing philosophically about the meaning of life. As such, I was prepared to wear my grumpy middle aged hat and take these punks, and this movie, to school!

But after about two minutes into the movie, Eve (Emily Browning), after sneaking out of a Glasgow mental health facility, breaks into song! Oh my word this is a musical? Excellent! I took my grumpy hat off, and relaxed into my theater seat. What followed, in my opinion, was a great little summer movie.

God Help the Girl is a story that doesn’t get too blogged down with the more serious issues of Eve’s anorexia and depression, while also not being flippant about the topic. It speaks to the uplifting nature of a great pop song, the therapeutic power of channeling ones problems in a creative direction, and having good friends. Emily Browning’s performance anchors the film well, while Olly Alexander, and Hannah Murray are great in support. The songs are catchy and fun, but about something and help move the story forward. I liked all the musical performances, and enjoyed how each dance number felt natural and spontaneous.

Movie Prep:

So now you know, this film is a musical, but not in a Singin’ in the Rain or Sound of Music kind of way. This somehow to me, felt more natural – like, doesn’t everyone break into song now and again? It has its more serious moments, but the deeper topics in this film are given such a light touch, the film never gets somber or depressing.

Best Format:

For me, the best viewing experience for this film would be at the end of a day long music festival, outdoors in a field on a beautiful summers evening just after sunset. Dark enough to see the screen, but not so cold that you’ll want to get indoors. Failing that, if you can arrange an outdoor screening at home that would be awesome.

Best Song/Moment:

I really liked the song/scene ‘I’ll have to dance with Cassie.’

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  1. Aaron Hunt

    As it’s been a terribly terribly dry movie season as of recent. But I wasn’t excited enough to go for it, I may have to see it now!

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