Machete Kills (2013)

Machete Kills (2013)

Machete Kills 2013Starring: Danny Trejo, Alexa Vega, Mel Gibson, Amber Heard, Michelle Rodriguez, Sofía Vergara, Charlie Sheen

Directed by: Robert Rodriguez

Written By: Kyle Ward

Rating: R (US) Running Time: 1 hr 46 min

Two Cents:

Well this is all mindless fun that’s for sure. The plot is the unholy child of Moonraker and any Death Wish movie you can remember. It also stars some of the current crop of Hollywood’s latest news shakers – I’m looking at you Mel and Charlie! But this is all part of the plan right? A movie like this isn’t meant to make any sense at all. The entire thing is played for laughs, and unfortunately it isn’t always successful as I found a lot of the humor kind-a-telegraphed its arrival. Where it does work is in the form of the many creative ways bad guys are dispatched throughout the film. Including, but certainly not limited too, a couple of hilarious and gruesome scenes involving helicopter blades!

The cast seems game though, and I enjoyed Mel Gibson’s turn as the evil mastermind Voz. Sofia Vergara is also a standout as Desdemona, the woman with the very lethal underwear collection!

Movie Prep:

If you saw Machete in 2010 and enjoyed it, you’ll likely enjoy this too. If you’re new to Danny Trejo’s Machete character just go into this expecting mindless violence, gore, and dumb dialog.

Best viewing format:

If you can’t wait a matinée showing will do. In my opinion this would be better enjoyed at home with friends, takeout and brews.

Best moment for me: << spoiler >>

At the end of the movie Machete agrees to head off into space to track down Voz. The sight of Machete in a space suit just floored me! He’s even given a send of by the one and only Space X founder, Elon Musk!

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