Mascots (2016)

Mascots (2016)

Mascots (2016)


Mascots (2016)Starring: Zach Woods, Chris O’Dowd, Sarah Baker, Tom Bennett, Christopher Moynihan, Parker Posey

Directed by: Christopher Guest

Written by: Christopher Guest, Jim Piddock

Rating: TV-MA Running Time: 1 hr. 39 min

Two Cents:

Personally, I love a good mockumentary, and Mascots was certainly entertaining. Not as crazy or as clever as say, What We Do in the Shadows, but certainly a solid addition to director Christopher Guest’s (Best in Show, For Your Consideration) library of work. This film dives into the competitive world of ‘mascotting’, and explores the various personalities that take this profession way too seriously.

Whether this film hits or misses depends on the individual characters, and your personal taste in comedy. I enjoyed spending time with Owen Golly, Jnr. (Tom Bennett) a.k.a. Sid the Hedgehog, and felt uncomfortable watching Phil Mayhew (Christopher Moynihan) a.k.a. Jack the Plumber. I loved everything Chris O’Dowd did as The Fist, and was bored with Cindi Babineaux (Parker Posey) as Alvin the Armadillo. There’s certainly something for everyone here, but that also means that there’s plenty of misses to go with the hits, and my personal preference leaned towards characters that were a little more self-aware.

Christopher Guest and Jim Piddock deliver a script loaded with great dialogue (some of which is ad-libbed), but don’t strive to give their character’s arcs. Which may be a negative if you’re looking for something that goes beyond poking fun at a collection of clueless people. Or, exactly what you’re looking for in a mockumentary.

Movie Prep:

If you enjoyed Best in Show and/or For Your Consideration, then I’m confident you’ll enjoy this too. This plays as a series of interviews cut together with footage recorded as the players in this comedy travel to the 8th International Mascot competition in California. Mascots is rated TV-MA for language and brief moments of nudity.

Best Moment:

Tommy ‘Zook’ Zucarello (Chris O’Dowd) explains why he’s banned from several sports arenas due to his lewd behavior. As he sheepishly explains assaulting a team owner’s wife, the film cuts to (presumably) O’Dowd in his costume shaped like a giant fist, skating up to said wife, and dry humping her!

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