Minions (2015)

Minions (2015)

Minions (2015)


vStarring: Sandra Bullock, Pierre Coffin, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, Steve Coogan, Jennifer Saunders, Geoffrey Rush, Steve Carell

Directed By: Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin

Written By: Brian Lynch

Rating: PG (US) Running Time: 1 hr 31 min

Two Cents:

Like the Penguins in the Madagascar movies, the Minions were easily the most entertaining component of the Despicable Me series. Bright yellow pill shaped reincarnations of The Three Stooges, they nearly always delivered the biggest laughs, and were pretty much the only thing anyone remembered after the credits rolled. Surely a whole film dedicated to these little yellow suppositories, would be a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Right?

Well, maybe. If you’re under 9 years old.

Unlike the Penguins of Madagascar, the Minions are more effective in small doses (yes, I’m having fun with my medical references), and while there were a few neat gags in amongst the madness, their particular brand of hilarity wasn’t enough to sustain interest for a feature-length period of time. A lot of the film’s best moments were also featured in the trailers and clips I had seen prior to taking my seat in the theater. Which meant the bits left over, that clearly didn’t rate with the studio’s marketing team, weren’t all that entertaining.

The story, such as it is, centers around the Minions’ search for a new evil boss, along with a heist story set in London, England. Cobbled together with a lot of random over the top villainous characters, music from the 60’s, and annoying Englishisms. It bugged me that a new generation of movie goers were being exposed to the same old tired ‘English’ stereotypes. Such as our supposed obsession with tea served from quaint ornate teapots, and the use of the world ‘blimey’ really got on my nerves.

This movie just wants to be bright, fast and loud. Move in oddball directions, and at times seemed desperate to get a laugh. It’s a baby rattle picture. Likely great for kids, but doesn’t offer up much for parents to enjoy, and if you’re looking for animated entertainment the entire family can appreciate, I would recommend Pixar’s Inside Out over Minions any day of the week.

Movie Prep:

This is well animated madness featuring talking ear plugs, speaking some-kind of Spanglish. If you enjoyed their antics in the Despicable Me series, I think you’ll be entertained by this film. Try to avoid watching the trailers beforehand, and save the best bits for your trip to the theater.

Best Format:

I was impressed with the animation, so a theater visit is recommended. This film is more geared for kids however, who will likely enjoy it on any format available to them.

Best Moment:

Most of the best moments are featured in the trailers. I did however get a chuckle out of the Minions playing polo inside Buckingham Palace while riding the Queen’s corgis

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  1. Edwin

    I enjoyed the film laughed my A** off most of the film. I always thought that the Minions actually made the Despicable films anyway.

  2. Matt

    So. Inside out was a completely different movie from its inception- in that its intelligent and thought provoking. Minions is, well, just minions. And that’s what is expected. I went into the movie knowing the plot would be thin, but it made me smile, and actually laugh/snort out loud. I haven’t had they for a while. I thought it was fun and worth my time. 🙂

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