Mortdecai (2015)

Mortdecai (2015)

Mortdecai (2015)

Mortdecai (2015)Starring: Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor, Paul Bettany, Olivia Munn

Directed By: David Koepp

Written By: Eric Aronson

Rating: R (US) Running Time: 1 hr 46 min

Two Cents:

Johnny Depp plays Mortdecai, a well-to-do eccentric art dealer charged with the recovery of a famous Goya painting. In a film that’s an homage to past caper movies involving the hapless aristocracy, which might have starred the one and only Peter Sellers back in the day. Is Depp Sellers? No. Is Mortdecai funny? Not as far as I’m concerned.

It might have been, if the trailer hadn’t already shown us the film’s few good moments. Or if Johnny Depp had toned down that ridiculous over the stop snooty British accent. It might have helped if the story had actually been interesting, or this film had anything original to offer this brand of caper flick.

Unfortunately Mortdecai lands in theaters UOA (Unfunny On Arrival), and judging by its opening weekend in the US, becomes another flop in Johnny Depp’s portfolio. Which I honestly don’t care about, other than the inane drivel we’ll have to endure as the media once again drone on about the talented actor’s future, asking stupid questions like, ‘is this the end of Depp’s career?” Perhaps I’ll stay off the web for a few days until all that nonsense is done, and they’ve found something else to talk about.

In all fairness to the movie however, I didn’t hate it. It just wasn’t very entertaining, and I think this brand of caper film has had its day (back in the 60’s and 70’s). In today’s economic climate, where income equality is a major political issue. Do we really care about the shenanigans of the upper classes? With a great number of theater patrons living paycheck to paycheck. Are they going to be entertained by the idiotic adventures of a few unlikable wealthy people?

Movie Prep:

If you’ve enjoyed this brand of caper film before, you may get something out of this. Especially if you haven’t seen the trailer yet! The movie is harshly rated R for some language and sexual material.

Best Format:

Mortdecai is well made, and actually looks decent as the story zips around the globe from Moscow to London, and Los Angeles. A matinée screening will service this film well enough, and at home a HD rental on a nice big TV will suffice.

Best Moment:

I sniggered once during the entire film. When Johanna (Gwyneth Paltrow), Mortdecai’s wife, compares her husband’s new mustache to a, and I quote, ‘vagina.’

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