Movie Trivia

TG Movie Trivia Game

Think you know your movie trivia? Let’s put that knowledge to the test shall we! Click on the ‘start quiz’ button to be presented with a random selection of 10 multiple choice movie trivia questions. You only have 2 minutes to answer as many as you can. If you don’t know the answer, just take a guess and move on.  At the end you’ll be given your score plus a chance to review your answers. Then, if you like, enter your email* and name to post your result on the leader board. Then play again and again to improve you score!

What do you think? Think you’ll score 100%?

* Only enter your email and name if you want to register your score on the leader board. You don’t even have to enter a real email or name as we’re not going to contact it anyway! It’s only built into the blog plugin for the quiz and the option can’t be turned off! 🙂