Ninja Apocalyse 2014

Ninja Apocalypse (2014)

Ninja Apocalypse (2014)

Ninja Apocalyse 2014Starring: Christian Oliver, Les Brandt, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa,Ernie Reyes Jr., Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Kaiwi Lyman, West Liang, Tara Macken, Antoinette Kalaj

Directed by: Lloyd Lee Barnett

Written by: Ashley Scott Meyers

Rating: NR (US) Running Time: 1 hr 24 min

Two Cents:

One of the industries represented here at Comic-Con 2014 is the movie business, and large and small-scale producers are represented. As the larger studios are drip feeding fans juicy clips of future offerings, the smaller film producers are giving you the opportunity to see entire films. That’s how I ended up in Ballroom D at the Marriott hotel, San Diego, to watch Ninja Apocalypse. Which is due for DVD release on the 5th of August, 2014.

Ninja Apocalypse is set after a great war has ravaged the planet, and the human race has regressed into separate warring clans. But it’s not all bad, because the fallout from the great war has also gifted each clan with cool powers. Some can throw lightning, others can throw fireballs and everyone seems to be well trained in the martial arts. Sounds pretty cool right? Well hold on there a moment, because this new post apocalyptic world also has to contend with Zombies!

The hows and whys of the great clan meet up in the story are beside the point, and the plot doesn’t bear even the lightest scrutiny. You also won’t be enjoying super sharp dialog or even really care all that much for the undeveloped characters.

What does matter in a movie like this is the action, and on that front, Ninja Apocalypse is a big win. The fight sequences are well choreographed, and thankfully not edited into an incomprehensible mess. They are shot in a way that allows you to see what’s happening, and showcase the impressive physical talents of its cast. Add to that the occasional decent special effect as each clan incorporates their unique gifts into the action, and Ninja Apocalypse is a lot of fun to watch.

Movie Prep:

If you enjoyed films like Mortal Kombat, then I think you’ll enjoy this too. In my opinion this is better than Kombat, because it doesn’t take itself as seriously, and the fight sequences are more fun to watch.

Best Format:

This is nicely shot, and if a blu-ray copy of the movie were available that’s the one I’d get. In any case a nice big TV or streaming show is the way to go.

Best Element:

The fight sequences are fast, impressive and well shot.

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  1. Dan_K

    I have watched the trailer for this earlier today on the site, so was happy to find out that it has already been reviewed. From the trailer one word I took away with me was FUN. This looks like a really FUN movie. Now I have read your review, I think it confirms that this review is indeed fun. Maybe I will be looking to see if I can get this on dvd when it comes out. It is just a shame I couldn’t see this at the cinema.

  2. This sounds like a great movie. I love a good action movie, and also post apocalyptic movies, so putting them together sounds like a winner. It sounds like a really fun movie. Can’t wait for it to come out, I will be taking your advice and getting it on Blu-Ray. Great job.

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