Norm of the North (2016)

Norm of the North (2016)

Norm of the North (2016)


Norm of the North (2016)Starring: Rob Schneider, Heather Graham, Ken Jeong, Bill Nighy, Colm Meaney

Directed by: Trevor Wall

Written by: Daniel Altiere, Steven Altiere, Malcolm T. Goldman, Jamie Lissow

Rating: PG Running Time: 1 hr. 30 min

Two Cents:

As we head into summer, I like to catch up on the movies I missed during their theatrical run at the start of the year, even when I have a feeling the film in question is going to be a chore to watch. Norm of the North has an 8% Rotten Tomato score, a 3.7 user rating on IMDB, and not one blogger I follow gave it a positive review; by all accounts, this is one of 2016’s worst.

Well, I’m here to tell you – THEY WERE ALL ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

How did this thing get into theaters? A bargain DVD bin is too good for this awful film. It’s cheaply animated, poorly written, and doesn’t make any sense. It’s barely cognizant of its own ecocentric message, and even makes a ham fisted jab at income inequality. The characters are one-note over the top caricatures, and the film frequently leaps between sappy melodrama and idiotic dance routines.

Usually, animated films (for me anyway) fall into one of two categories. They either try to tell a story the whole family can appreciate (nearly all Pixar films), or they operate on the same intellectual level as a baby rattle. Norm of the North shoots for and fails at the latter. It’s mind numbingly stupid, derivative, and lazy.

Movie Prep:

There’s no way to prepare for this. It’s bad. Even kids hated it (so several sources tell me).

Worst Moment:

It’s starts at minute 1 – and ends at minute 90.

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