How to fix Tammy and Sex Tape – 8/31/2014

Tammy and Sex Tape are contenders for my worst of 2014 list at the moment – but with a few small changes I think both films could be greatly improved! In this episode, I talk about the movies, and throw out a few ideas as to how they could be improved. Agree or disagree? Then let me know what changes (if any) you’d make in the comments section below. (9 mins) Warning: This podcast includes movie clips that contain bad language!


Review – Snowpiercer (2014) – 8/22/2014

1st podcast! More notes on the awesome Snowpiercer movie,  including a ridiculous amount of adulation for Tilda Swinton! (8 Mins)



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  1. Lolita

    Insightful comments TG. When I walk away from a movie I really didn’t enjoy, the only thing I try to do is forget it as quickly as possible. I was entertained by your constructive and creative musings on how both films could actually be improved! Keep up the good work.

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