Pride (2014)

Pride (2014)

Pride (2014)


Pride-poster-2014Starring: Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Dominic West, George MacKay, Paddy Considine, Jessica Gunning, Menna Trussler

Directed By: Matthew Warchus

Written By: Stephen Beresford

Rating: R (US) Running Time: 1 hr 59 min

Two Cents:

At first glance, Pride might be dismissed solely as a story to support gay rights. Especially by those this movie is trying to reach and teach. Just another film designed to beat people over the head with its preachy progressive agenda. But Pride, while certainly loaded with touching individual stories to highlight the issues homosexuals face everyday, also has a much larger point to make.

Based on true life events during the massive coal miners’ strike in Britain during mid 1980’s. Pride tells a tale of solidarity. About two marginalized groups (coal miners and the gay community) forming a union to better fight the conservative government. An unlikely pairing to be sure, and one that was met with some resistance from both camps. But with the help of key leaders on either side, a common bond is formed, and with that, understanding and empathy.

Pride is also a big story, that touches on a major political event, as well as the onset of the AIDS epidemic, and the subsequent misinformation and finger-pointing directed at the gay community. It covers the genesis of the idea that lead to the creation of the LGSM (lesbians and Gays Support the Minors) group, and a few subplots involving key players from both sides of this union. As such, this film has a lot to do, and the initial setup of characters, locations and situations, felt a little rushed. Jumping out of the gates so quickly that I worried the film would sprint when it should walk, and completely run out of creative energy during the last act.

Thankfully, this doesn’t happen. Any story telling shortfalls during the first act, are more than made up for by Stephen Beresford’s hilarious script, and the film’s superb cast. This is a great group of characters you’ll enjoy spending two hours of your life with. The proceedings do sugarcoat the more serious aspects of the miners strike, and the treatment of homosexuals. But the film manages to make its point, without lecturing the audience.

Movie Prep:

This is a light fun look at a true life story, and is designed to reach, teach, and entertain – not lecture. If you were hoping for something more hard-hitting, this isn’t the film for you. The movie is harshly rated R for language and brief sexual content.

Best Format:

This is a beautifully made film, and Tat Radcliffe’s photography of the Welsh countryside is gorgeous. This film however, can be equally enjoyed at home with a HD rental on a TV, laptop, or tablet.

Best Moment:

Some of the funniest moments feature the older characters, and their no-nonsense dialog. When the LGSM first arrive at the miner’s club, they are first spotted by Gwen (Menna Trussler).

Dai, your gays have arrived”

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