Splash 1984

Splash (1984)

Splash (1984)

Splash 1984Starring: Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, Eugene Levy, John Candy

Directed By: Ron Howard

Written By: Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel, Bruce Jay Friedman

Rating: PG (US) Running Time: 1 hr 51 min

Two Cents:

Did you know this was Tom Hanks’ first big screen movie role? It was also the first movie released by the newly formed Touchstone Pictures. An offshoot of Disney, created for movies the studio wanted to make that wouldn’t necessarily fit the Mouse ears kid friendly mold.

Splash is lighthearted fun. A nice urban fairy tale and romantic comedy about a man who can’t find love, and literally, a fish out of water. Its charms are the result of the great chemistry Daryl Hannah and Tom hanks share onscreen. But the movie also shines during Hanks’ scenes with John Candy too. Who hams up his performance perfectly as the overbearing party-animal older brother.

The story is sweet, the jokes are for the most part funny, and the romance is believable. Splash’s only failings in my opinion come from an over the top Eugene Levy performance as the obnoxious scientist, Walter Kornbluth. And a silly conclusion that has the US military chasing our heroes around Manhattan. These however are minor complaints, as there is so much to enjoy in this film. It was a huge hit back in 1984 giving Touchstone, and Tom Hanks a great start to their respective careers in film.

Movie Prep:

If you enjoy lighthearted romantic comedies, then you should find some entertainment value here, even if the more fantastical elements don’t really appeal to you. Splash is rated PG so there’s no bad language. There are some brief moments of nudity however.

Best Format:

This movie will be effective on any format you care to watch it on. Be that your laptop, TV, tablet or phone.

Best Moment:

Early on, Allen Bauer (Tom Hanks) is being transported across a lake in a tiny boat, which breaks down. The guy running the boat jumps overboard and tells hanks he’s going to swim to shore to get his smaller boat – ‘the little one.’ Considering how small their current boat is, Allen yells out ‘the LITTLE one?’ It cracks me up every time. I also enjoyed the scene in the TV store where Madison (Daryl Hannah), tells Allen what her name is where she’s from. This results in a series of high-pitched dolphin like squeals that shatter every TV screen in the room.

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