The Bug Boys – Book One

The Bug Boys

Book 1 – release date: 11/2019

Price: eBook $2.99 | Paperback $9.99

Goodreads: 60 ratings / 48 reviews – 4.32/5 stars!

Amazon: 37 reviews – 4.6/5 stars!

Genre: Science Fiction / Humor

Cover Copy:

Who would have thought that eating a peanut butter sandwich and an apple would change your life? Let alone get you mixed up with an old alien research project, and transform you into the superheroes your village never needed.

For two young South Yorkshire lads, Alex Adams and Ian Harris, it was a geeky comic book dream come true, but it wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be in the real world. They discover there are many layers between good and evil, and with great power, comes an embarrassing amount of gas!

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Praise of The Bug Boys:

“The Bug Boys is a fun book to read. As an adult, I was able to enjoy it, but I wish I’d had the chance to read it when I was younger. This is Young Adult done right; it respects the audience. The fun, superhero sci-fi story gets a healthy dose of humour. Good humour at that. A wry, mature approach to comedy that I would’ve craved as a young teen.”
— Kevin Golding, NetGalley Critic.

“The Bug Boys is a soft science fiction novel mixed with a healthy dose of humor, the kind of sci-fi that doesn’t leave you scratching your head at the science-y parts. The language kept me chuckling throughout the entire book. It’s a perfect story for families, younger readers, or anyone looking for a fresh, entertaining read. Don’t pass up this good tale!”
—Cindy Jewkes, Cindy’s Treasury of Good Tales.

“What a great little story! Just really smart writing here. Fun plot, fantastic characters, and a solid entry from cover to cover.”
—Writer’s Digest Judge, 4th Annual Self-Published E-Book Awards