The Other Woman (2014)

The Other Woman (2014)

The Other Woman (2014)

The Other Woman 2014Starring: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Directed by: Nick Cassavetes

Written By: Melissa Stack

Rating: PG-13 (US) Running Time: 1 hr 49min

Two cents:

After leaving the theater and pondering everything I just saw in The Other Woman, I’d have to agree with the other reviews I’ve read about this movie. It’s not very good. It’s not very good because it makes no logical sense at all, and treats the subject of infidelity way too lightly. On the other hand however, it is pleasantly silly and light, and benefits from a great performance from Leslie Mann.

The production poster and trailer would have you believe this film is all about Carly (Cameron Diaz) – The other woman. But that title incorrectly describes this film, and I think it should have been called The First Woman or The Other Women. The latter a story about three women getting their revenge on the man who used them. The former a story about a wife getting her revenge on a cheating husband.

In the end it felt more like The First Woman, and in my opinion Leslie Mann absolutely steals the show as Kate King. I would say this is the best performance I’ve seen from her to date, and it made the experience of watching The Other Woman actually entertaining.

The world in which The Other Woman exists can only happen in the movies. Everyone in this story lives in an expensive/cool place and hardly seems to work for a living. They all drive nice cars, and have flexible moral values. Complicated emotional issues are resolved with a nice walk along the beach during sunset to the latest hit song, and the good guys always win. But that’s the reason so many of us go to the movies isn’t it? For that escape. The characters in The Other Woman live a life inspired by high-end home decor catalogs. But how many times have you flipped through the pages of one of those and pictured yourself in that beautifully decorated room, or saw yourself relaxing on that nicely appointed patio? What I’m saying is, as complete escapist entertainment it is possible to enjoy The Other Woman, despite how incredibly shallow and unrealistic it is.

Movie Prep:

As I said, this movie has little to no connection to the real world, so don’t go into this expecting any logic. It’s designed to be a fun escape from reality, and for the most part it succeeds. It’s a touch morally ambiguous and makes little to no attempt to discuss the subject of infidelity seriously. Go into The Other Woman expecting light, fun and silly and you may just have a good time with this.

Best Format:

A HD showing at home on your television is recommended. If you don’t want to wait I suggest you take on a matinée showing.

Best element:

Leslie Mann. Her performance was hysterical, and I especially loved the scene where she has a semi-nervous breakdown in Carly’s office.

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