The Sound of Music (1965)

The Sound of Music (1965)

The Sound of Music (1965)

The Sound of Music 1965Starring: Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker, Richard Haydn, Peggy Wood

Directed By: Robert Wise

Written By: Ernest Lehman

Rating: G (US) Running Time: 2 hr 54 min

Two Cents:

The Sound of Music isn’t really an accurate portrayal of the Von Trapp family adventures, but it isn’t trying to be either. It’s a gorgeously photographed Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, superbly directed by Robert Wise. Often the butt of many jokes as the film we all saw at least once a year, when it played on TV during the holidays right after It’s a Wonderful Life!

Opening in near silence as we fly over the beautiful Austrian countryside near Salzburg, and then bursting into life as Julie Andrews swoops into the frame to sing the movie’s titular song. This wonderful musical is guaranteed to make even the Grinchiest sized hearts swell. For me personally, this movie is akin to being wrapped up cozy and warm, sipping hot cocoa on a cold rainy day. It warms the cockles of the heart with its charming characters and great songs.

The real heart of the epic three hour musical extravaganza is obviously Julie Andrews. I think her Oscar nominated performance in this film is even better than her turn as Mary Poppins (for which she actually won the Oscar.) She endows such a great fun energy to songs like ‘I have Confidence’ and ‘My Favorite Things’, yet can also slow things down and melt your heart with her duet ‘Something Good.’

Movie Prep:

If you’ve somehow missed every single screening of this movie since its release in 1965, then expect a classic Hollywood musical Rodgers and Hammerstein’s style. The King and I? South Pacific? Oklahoma? Expect memorable songs, plenty of bright colorful performances, boundless energy and big smiles!

Best Format:

The Sound of Music was shot in glorious 70mm. The best possible experience with this movie will be in the theater. At home, a HD viewing on a nice big TV is recommended. It would be criminal to reduce Ted D. McCord’s beautiful photography down to the size of a laptop, tablet or phone size screen.

Best Songs:

I was going to try to pick one, but just couldn’t do it! My favorite songs/performances from this movie are ‘I have Confidence’, ‘My Favorite Things’, and ‘Do-Re-Mi.’

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