The World Is Not enough (1999)

The World Is Not Enough (1999)

the world is not enough 1999Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau, Robert Carlyle, Denise Richards, Robbie Coltrane, Judi Dench, John Cleese, Desmond Llewelyn

Directed by: Michael Apted

Written By: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, Bruce Feirstein

Rating: PG-13 (US) Running Time: 2 hr 5 min

Two Cents:

Oh dear, after a stunning opening sequence, this movie just gets worse and worse. It’s let down by some groan inducing dialog, and a few terribly miscast key players. To a lesser degree, Sophie Marceau as the one time kidnap victim turn oil baron. To greater extent, Denise Richards playing a nuclear physicist called Dr. Christmas Jones. Yes, that’s her job title, and yes, that’s the characters name. Two massive red flags that no one on this production bothered question apparently.

A third mistake in my opinion was to cast John Cleese as the replacement for Q. He’s called R by the way. Yes, the script is that lazy! Nothing personal against Cleese, he’s a great comedian and actor, but casting such a huge name for an iconic supporting role just didn’t fit well for me. It was like finding out Basil Fawlty had left the hotel business and joined Q branch! I was however, pleased they handled Desmond Llewelyn’s exit from the series will class.

Movie Prep:

Fans of the series will likely find some elements of this film enjoyable. This one however, is more flash over substance. The movie is rated PG-13 so the violence never gets too graphic.

Best Format:

That opening action set piece would look great on the big screen, but this film will be serviced just fine in HD at home on your TV.

Best Moment:

The opening action sequence is this films only saving grace. As Bond speeds through the heart of London, on and off the river Thames in a little boat clearly ‘borrowed’ from Batman!

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  1. I actually love this movie and think it’s Pierce Brosnan’s best Bond movie. I especially like the torture chair scene, because it’s presented as if Ian Fleming himself could’ve come up with it. (:

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