The World’s End (2013)

The World's End (2013)

the worlds end 2013Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman

Directed by: Edgar Wright

Written By: Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg

Rating: R (US) Running Time: 1 hr 49 min

Two Cents:

The World’s End is a fitting conclusion to The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, which started with the hilarious zombie comedy, Shaun of the Dead in 2004, and was followed by an awesome action spoof, Hot Fuzz in 2007. An absolutely great set of films, each using a specific genre to tell a story about life. Shaun of the Dead was about not living it, Hot Fuzz told us not to miss it, and The World’s End is about growing up and not living in the past.

Which I got, but at the same time this is the only Cornetto movie that makes me want to be 20 again, and homesick for the UK! Especially when the gang head out on a beautiful afternoon to attempt The Golden Mile* pub crawl in their old home town, accompanied by a great selection of 90’s era tunes for the soundtrack.

It just takes me back. Heading out, DM’s on (still own a pair),  Primal Scream’s ‘Loaded’ rattling around my head as I visited a few of my favorite public houses. But we all have to grow up sometime I guess. Careers, financial commitments, companions, all become part of our lives, and the wild crazy days have to come to the end. Wow, that’s depressing.

The World’s End isn’t as good as Shaun of the Dead in my opinion, but it’s certainly on par with Hot Fuzz, if not a little better. I loved the term ‘Starbucking’ in regards to how some modern British pubs have become chains and all feel the same. I also thought the fight sequences were amazingly well choreographed for a movie like this. Damn right impressive at times, and would give any Jackie Chan film a run for its money!

There are also lots of familiar faces from the previous two installments, but as with those other films, the stand out stars are still Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Who are both up to the more emotional journey they take this time around as friends reconciling their differences and past mistakes.

* 12 Pubs, 12 pints. The First Post , The Old Familiar, The Famous Cock, The Cross Hands, The Good Companions, The Trusty Servant, The Two-Headed Dog, The Mermaid, The Beehive, The King’s Head, The Hole in the Wall and, The World’s End.

Movie Prep:

This movies plays out like one of the more crazy David Tennant Dr Who episodes. So if you’re a fan of that show, you’re going to have a blast watching this. If you enjoyed the other two installments in the trilogy, I think you’ll enjoy this too. Those, like me, who were hitting the pubs in the early 90’s will likely find this a very nostalgic trip. This movie earns its R rating due to its alcohol content (!) and use of violence, but this isn’t nearly as bloody as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz.

Best Format:

Like the other installments in the trilogy, this isn’t an especially visual spectacle, despite the sci-fi content and heavier use of special effects. A HD showing at home on any device you like will service this film well enough.

Best moments: << Spoiler >>

Gary King’s (Simon Pegg) drunken banter with the Alien robot intelligence at the end is hysterical. I was also really impressed with the fight scene in The Beehive!

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  1. wpadmin

    Totally agree with you about Paul. That film didn’t work for me either. Yeah, it’s a shame Edgar Wright isn’t directing Ant Man anymore. But I honestly don’t think his creative flair would gel well with the Marvel’s superhero movie ‘product’ machine.

  2. This is one of my favorite trilogies, and a disappointing film like Paul shows how much influence Edgar Wright has in the success of these Pegg-Frost pairings ’cause his absence was definitely felt in that film. Also, it’s a bummer that Wright is no longer attached to Ant Man (one of the few reasons I had any interest in it). He definitely gets due credit for his comic timing, but I don’t think he gets credit enough for the action sequences he creates.

  3. wpadmin

    Nice. I agree! I enjoyed this a lot more the second time around. You’re right – it’s more layered than the other films. Though for me, still not as entertaining as Shaun of the Dead. I got so homesick for the UK after re-watching The World’s End – I even went online and purchased two proper (UK Government stamp included) ‘imperial pint’ glasses! – now if I could only be 20 again! 🙂

  4. I wasn’t sure what to make of The World’s End when I first saw it in theatres. Then I saw it again and enjoyed the hell out of it. It’s easily the “densest” or most layered of the Cornetto trilogy. With Spaced, Edgar Wright demonstrated his promise, but with his projects up to and including The World’s End he has cemented himself–in my mind at least–as a true cinematic contender. I know Shaun of the Dead is still considered by many to be the best of the lot, but honestly I think my go-to Wright movie has become The World’s End, in part because it so deftly weaves in thematic threads from the first two installments of the Trilogy. For my money, the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy is one of the few that can truly be said to be of consistent (and excellent) quality across all three installments.

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