Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

tomorrow never dies 1997Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Jonathan Pryce, Michelle Yeoh, Teri Hatcher, Judi Dench, Desmond Llewelyn, Ricky Jay, Götz Otto

Directed by: Roger Spottiswoode

Written By: Bruce Feirstein

Rating: PG-13 Running Time: 1 hr 59 min

Two Cents:

In discussions about the James Bond movies, there are the typical set of questions you always get asked. Who’s your favorite Bond? Best Bond film? Beyond those, we can focus our questions a little more. Which is your favorite Sean Connery Bond? Best Moore film? When it comes to Pierce Brosnan, Tomorrow Never Dies is my favorite. And quite honestly, it’s one of my all time favorite Bond films, period. Certainly one I would include in a top five list.

I think this mainly comes down to Pierce Brosnan’s performance. He’s much more settled into the role, and even seems to be having fun with the character. I loved the action as Bond speeds around a multilevel parking lot, driving his BMW 5 series from the back seat using one of Q’s gadgets. Smiling as he uses the car’s incredible array of weapons against his hapless pursuers.

Also, continuing with the stronger role women play in this franchise, Michelle Yeoh is a great addition and partner for Bond, as they investigate the media mogul, Elliot Carver. Played to perfection by the always superb, Jonathan Pryce. Story-wise this is a bit simple, but I think it more than makes up for that by delivering the perfect balance of fun, drama, gadgets and action.

Movie Prep:

This is a very solid action film, and even if you’re not a huge fan of James Bond films, you’re still likely to have some fun watching this. This movie is rated PG-13, so while the action is nicely staged, the violence never gets too graphic.

Best Format:

Bond films belong on the big screen, at home a HD viewing on your nice big TV is the way to go. Watching this on anything portable will negatively affect your viewing experience.

Best Moment:

I loved the action set piece in the parking lot. Bond controlling his car from the back seat with what is essentially a smart phone! Watching Bond take joy in dispatching one evil henchmen after another is so much fun to watch.

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  1. TND was a huge improvement over Goldeneye, and I remember being so thrilled when I first saw it in the theater. It was a movie that ensured that James Bond would live on (not to mention a touching tribute to Bond film producer Albert R. Broccoli). (:

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